What We Do

Pacific Logistics is a full-service freight provider, based in Los Angeles, California (LAX). We offer a wide array of shipping solutions, and pride ourselves on our flexibility. A fleet of modern and well-maintained Boeing 777s and 747s provides us with a global reach, as well as an excellent payload capacity - all without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Our optimized route network and 24/7 dispatch department ensure that even the most time-sensitive commodities can reach any corner of the globe. Since 2013, we have been impressing our clients by meeting even their most demanding shipping requirements.
Scheduled Freight

Scheduled Freight

Our scheduled freight department maintains a diverse and well-optimized route structure, allowing us to connect the largest industrial markets in the world. A modern and dependable fleet gives customers a sense of reassurance, knowing they can rely on PacLog to deliver.

Charter Services

Pacific Logistics maintains the charter availability of at least one aircraft at all times. Our dispatch team works around the clock, ensuring that our clients needs can be met at a moments notice. Whether it's a one time charter or a long-term solution, customers can rely on the quality of service offered by PacLog.

Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance

Our ACMI services allow companies to receive a dedicated aircraft that is operated, maintained, and insured by Pacific Logistics. This allows customers to expand their capacity and freight network without taking on the fluctuating value of owned aircraft or the long-term commitment related to crews and maintenance.

Operational Portfolio

North America

PacLog's Los Angeles base puts us right in the center of the global market, with thousands of tonnes of freight passing through LAX each week from each corner of the globe.


The Trans-Pacific freight market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, representing nearly one quarter of the world's air cargo tonnage.


Even at the most uncertain economic times, Europe has continued to be a stable producer of air cargo commerce. Trending economic growth points to an increase in freight movements in the coming years.

Middle East

The Middle East has traditionally been a crossroad between Asia, Africa, and Europe. Air freight is no exception, as a growing infrastructure has provided new opportunities in the global market for the region.